Wind Continues in Motion

Few years ago, a dear friend of mine was almost about to get out of chaos, un-lightness, and just as able to integrate into society, gain its acceptance, it chose to end its life. In the news footage from early morning, its father could be seen taking the high-speed railway in the middle of night to come and collect its body. I often think that, if a person’s real status is not accepted, it has to kill its own “existence” to be able to exist in society. And when the medicines that inhibit perception wear off, it returns to the fundamental chaos of its body and realizes that it has been wandering in the non-realistic world for such a long time, that its condition to live is getting worse. How strongly it will be separated and in pain. Moreover, who is qualified in a position to persuade it not to lose the courage to live. Another few years before it jumped off the building to its death, I, who passed it by, once thought that my life would be bright and unrestrained if I were to stifle my sense of chaos, but then I met with death in the backlash of my nature. I, regard death as a return, have survived, then its mark on the world is fading. Its passing is also my death, and the sentiments left behind are like the blowing wind, softly blowing, lightly arriving, and then departing lightly, these words are as if they were a lifetime ago. As the wind continues in motion, in the mountains, forests, seas, rocks, all those humans, non-humans, living and non-living things’, will continue to move in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. The demise of human will be the same as a new birth, or they may finally be able to escape to Higan where they may live in peace and Ishvara. Therefore, the video is a tribute to my dear friends, to myself, and to all the souls struggling in this windswept-world.


Lon, Pei