The Drifter

“The Drifter” is an ongoing VR project that questions issues around identity, social control, national boundaries, cultural identity, and existential conditions. The project refers to those who are forced to leave in order to survive or are unable to control where they are moving. After the outbreak of the Ukraine-Russia war, a large number of Ukrainian students were forced to go into exile, or left to study and live overseas for a long time. However, due to the lack of refugee status, they became wanderers around various countries. The young Max is one of them. Artist Tao Yalun met Max by chance and invited him to join “The Drifter” Project. The artist carried a live video installation and went to Max’s hometown in Lviv, Ukraine. Max, who was in a foreign country, supported the art team and wore the VR 3D headset. With the assistance of the monitors and remote real-time control machines, they use virtual avatars to assist Max to have meals with his family, visiting his grandfather in the cemetery, taking a walk in the neighborhood of his hometown, places Max missed dearly but was unable to be anymore.


Ya Lun Tao