The adventures of princess Mirabilis

“Princess Mirabillis” – the first Angolan warrior in cartoons

The adventures of Princess Mirabilis in the Falls of Calandula

Princess Mirabilis and her friends go to the Falls of Calandula to protect Queen Ginga’s treasure that is about to be stolen by a terrible sorcerer. Along the way, on the Black Stones of Pundo Andongo, they prevent two hunters from harming a Giant Black Stilt. The children succeed and by healing the sable, Mirabilis exaggerates the magic powder she possesses and makes her gain the powers of speech and flight. The animal asks for help to protect the treasure that is in danger and, upon reaching the Falls of Calandula, they come across the sorcerer who tries to deceive them by saying that the treasure belongs to him. Mirabilis and the friends unravel the lie, angry the sorcerer uses his magic to create a stone monster, to attack the children, but they manage to win and save the treasure of Queen Ginga. The sorcerer runs away but vows revenge!