S[edition] @ ADAF 2024

Contraption Kaleida (2024) | Michael J. Saul (US) | 03:00 min

Contraption Kaleida by Michael Saul showcases a display of metal objects and surfaces, evolving into a compelling visual experience. This immersive kaleidoscope artwork forms part of his exploration of the mesmerizing effects of kaleidoscopic art.


Artificial Motion (2024) | Wisse Scheele (NL) | 02:31 min

Artificial Motion by Wisse Scheele translates the precision of technology and human movement into a captivating digital form. This artwork features Scheele in a motion capture suit, embodying a tribute to the digital era. It illustrates the fusion of technology and human motion in a visually rhythmic masterpiece.


Joss (2014) | Cheng Ran (CN) | 03:00 min

Cheng Ran’s Joss features a socio-critical perspective on globalized Chinese culture. The work uses explosive destruction of luxury consumer goods, filmed in slow motion, transforming violent acts into choreographed beauty. It is accompanied by Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria.”


Shed 48 (2020) | Brit Bunkley (NZ) | 04:13 min

Shed 48 by Brit Bunkley is named after a dilapidated shed in a New Zealand park, which contrasts starkly with the surrounding forest. This artwork captures the mystery and potential for narrative inherent in the structure, invoking themes of magic realism.


Simulated Nature 1 (2024) | Dimitrios Sakkas (GR) | 01:00 min

Simulated Nature 1 by Dimitrios Sakkas depicts the intricate complexity of nature through animated branches and roots, illustrating the perpetual transformation of the natural world and fostering an emotional connection with it.


Slit (2019) | Yoshi Sodeoka (US) | 03:05 min

Slit by Yoshi Sodeoka experiments with the concept of organic-based computers using neurons. The artwork grows from audiovisual feedback loops, creating unpredictable and dynamic visuals that reflect the complexity of evolutionary processes.


Circuitry 01 (2024) | Overlap (UK) | 01:16 min

Circuitry by Overlap creates a carousel effect through a continuous looping display of landscapes. The digital landscape is paired with music, reflecting on time and our perceptual relationship to it, echoing 19th-century landscape oils in digital form.


Matter & Light (2019) | Guli Silberstein (UK) | 07:00 min

Matter & Light by Guli Silberstein uses video glitch techniques to blend images of seascapes, plants, and animals in a dream-like narrative. Inspired by painter Turner and French Impressionism, this work addresses contemporary environmental issues, applying painterly traditions to digital forms to reflect on our world’s sustainability and poetic essence.


Sparkle Kaleida (2024) | Michael J. Saul (US) | 03:00 min

Sparkle Kaleida by Michael Saul offers a meditative blend of colors and patterns, inviting viewers into a realm of introspection through its serene and captivating design.






Michael J. Saul, Wisse Scheele, Cheng Ran, Brit Bunkley, Dimitrios Sakkas, Yoshi Sodeoka, Overlap, Guli Silberstein