25 videos / 25 artists / 25 countries
The videos included in this video composition were created for FemLink-Art in 2017.

Type Yor Secret (2017) | Maria D. Alba (ES)

A video collage showing the materialization of a secret. A language among women, a whisper, a letter that tells a story of the subconscious, sweat and throbbing, a social insect that flees, fluids that are diluted, a train that leaves after removing the secret to the light… a chain of actions that are linked like a television channel, that activate according to our mind and heart.


Hello World (2017) | Alessandra Arno (IT)

“Hello world” is the first computer code C message (previously suggested by Language B) that appears to the user on the programming screen. The work uses the same convention but in morse code as a landbased message sent by the planet itself or its inhabitants. Hello world is a welcome message of enthusiasm and aweinspiring, which is aimed at the universe. The cosmos looks and repeats with a morse code message, referring to a s.o.s.


NO EXIT (2017) | Elaine Frigon (CA)

In this residence for the elderly, life is hidden behind every door. In the face of death there is no way out.


The Secret (2017) | Maria Papacharalambous (CY)

A visual story-tale of the poem “What is the Word” by Samuel Beckett.


Now You Know (2017) | Angelika Rinnhofer (DE)

Do we really all have secrets? Or are, what we call secrets simply the experiences that connect us all? «Now You Know »invite the viewer to come up with his or her own answer to what the secret may be in each story in my video. Each revelation is supposed to interpolate additional questions rather than give firm answers. Taken out of context, each scene becomes a pointless narrative, each discovery raises the question of its authenticity.


Then, thus, then (2017) | Bill Kouelany (CG)

Is homosexuality the forbidden fruit?

I am a homosexual

I am the fruit of the sin?

Then, Thus, then…


Beneath the Surface (2017) | Mesrure Melis Bilgin (TR)

We need contact with what lies beneath the surface.


Joyce (2017) | Sabine Mooibroek (NL)

Joyce tries to enter the world and the theatre of trains.


Eyes (2017) | Fatima Mazmouz (MA)


TRANSSSFORMER (2017) | Jelena Miscovic (RS)

Investigation gender transformation and gender potential in the individual. What means male, what means female?


Secret Reflection (2017) | Doris Mayer (AT)


Secret Poem: For Refugees Everywhere (2017) | Vouvoula Skoura (GR)

On damaged as “stone books”, found in an abandoned factory, photos of Nature, War, Refugees in Camps, old and new Secret Poems, comprise the image of the Mediterranean today.


The Secret (2017) | Nicoletta Stalder (CH)


Secret, Lie and Deaths (2017) | Véronique Sapin (FR)

In a February 2003 speech to the U.N. Security Council, Colin Powell alleged that Iraq was hiding weapons of mass destruction (thousands of litres of Anthrax). However, after the U.S. had invaded Iraq, no weapons of mass destruction were found. In April 2017, the bolivian Ambassador to the United Nations, Sacha Llorenti, reminded the council of the disastrous weapons of mass destruction lie peddled by the US as a pretext to invade Iraq: “After this invasion, there was 1 million deaths”.


The Hiden Garden (2017) | Minoo Iranpoor Mobarakeh (IR)

The idea of this video has made through encountering me with Persian gardens and the way they were built. Persian garden is full of mysteries, full of ambiguity and covertness. This garden is one of the reasons of loving beauty in this world and a symbol of paradise which you can imagine resting under the shade of trees and flowers, and sit along its streams. This garden is surrounded by long walls and it`s not allowed to enter by everyone. This garden feels like a closed place and an image of the peripheral world and is understood through geometry, color, and substance. Those who are outside this garden are always encountered with many secrets and seek to find meaning for the mysteries of Persian garden, a meaning that is hidden even for the inhabitants of the garden. The signs and elements used in this video can create metaphorical communication with the Persian garden for the audience.


The Secret of the Lambs (2017) | Angie Bonino (PE)

The sacrifice of the lambs is a symbolic allegory on a hidden reality which refers to the sacrifice of human beings in secret rituals.


Divine Alchemy of Katipa (2017) | Katya Nikonorova (KZ)

The Great White Central Asian G-ss Katipa Apai is here to bring new Nonverbal Knowledge to people and disseminate the ideas of Kindness, Brightness and Wisdom among the people of the future generation. Katipa sees the disasters of the World and hears the people’s hopes for living better life. So, let it be! The G-ss connected the Most Southerly Point with the Most Northerly Point and the Most Easterly Point with the Most Westerly Point, and the Sacred Lake Sairan was found to be at the their intersection. It is the very center of the Central Asia. With the help of stars mirrored on the surface of Sairan Katipa predicted the Most Fortunate Day for making people’s dreams, hopes and aspirations come true, it is the Eighth Day of the Eighth Month. Every year on the 8th of August the G-ss comes to the shores of the Sacred Lake to perform a goddess like alchemical process. The G-ss empties containers treated with the help of bioenergy, which contain water carrying information about desires, hopes and wishes of her parishioners. This sacramental ceremony is documented in the golden scriptures of the human race, which you happen to see now.


MILK VACUUM 1: Twilight of the White Cube (2017) | Helena Martin Franco (CO)

The “Vacuum of Milk” series presents the constant construction and deconstruction of a “white cube” at the hands of the artist. The cube, built out of empty milk cartons, alludes to artists’ and other cultural workers’ lack of basic resources. This series attempts to evoke that mysterious desire to disrupt institutional order; the ever-mute dizziness produced by the illusory fall of the “white cube”. When collapse is felt but remains unspoken, it repeats itself into delirium.Deep thoughts of an elephant.


IKEA’S SECRET (2017) | Áine Phillips (IE)

2013 was a time of mass protests against austerity and recession in Ireland, I found myself by chance traveling on a small secluded road behind the giant IKEA superstore in Dublin. Along the roadside, I observed all the discarded junk that was at one time precious, all the abandoned things that were once objects of desire. This is the concealed and hidden secret of IKEA’s promise. The brief life span of our material lives. Our dreams turn to dust. Everything returns to the earth.


Revelation (2017) | C. M. Judge (US)

Whether hidden or revealed, secrets cut to the core of our humanity.


The Secret (2017) | Amaranta Sanchez (MX)


Kundalini (2017) | Raya Mazigi (LB)

Major esoteric religious traditions taught that one of the secrets to spiritual enlightenment is the use of a ritualized physical love practice, known as sexual alchemy. Often kept secret by fear of profanation or persecution, this teaching is explicitly integrated in the Jewish mystic tradition of Kabbala, and referred to in early Christian texts as the Sacrament of the Bridal Chamber, as HeQi in Taoism, and as Tantrism in Buddhism and Hinduism.


This is not a flower (2017) | Mouna Jemal Siala (TN)

The image can mislead. The title of my video is based on “This is not a pipe” from Magritte. What is under the red silhouette? What is this red?


Checkpoint (2017) | Rosa Jijon (EC)


The Three (2017) | Alena Kupcikova (CZ)

A bird sings pretty to catch his mate.


Curated by :

Veronique Sapin