Prospectors delves into the complexities of the global tourism industry through the intertwined journeys of three characters, each embodying distinct types of exploration and cultural interaction. Weaving together historical and contemporary narratives, the film explores the repercussions of our digital era’s relationship with international travel, highlighting ethical considerations and the blurred line between authentic cultural exchange and the commodification of experiences.
Freya Stark, a daring adventurer, recounts gripping tales from her perilous journey in 1930’s Iran, while a beloved chef turned travel guru demonstrates his dedication to cultural immersion through his virtual avatar. The central figure, our protagonist, wrestles with meaningful cultural encounters, oscillating between novelty and authenticity on a quest for self-discovery. Inspired by the expeditions of influential figures, our lead character embodies the language and spirit of Freya Stark, Anthony Bourdain, Henri Mouhot, and Neil Young.
Additional Credits:
Sound Design: Kris Force
Environment Artist: Francou Bosch
Voice Actor: Matthew Curtis


Jake Couri


Video Art