PLASTICPHONIA music from the ocean – music made out of plastic waste

Maybe plastic sounds deep, light, rousing, in- teresting or completely foreign? Sound artist Crystn Hunt Akron embarks on the Planet Plastic journey with Greenpeace, environmentalists and Clean Up the Beaches. Together they scour beaches and collect plastic that the seas have washed up on. With PLASTICPHONIA, field recordings create sampled tones from the collected plastic parts such as brushes, bags, buckets, bottles, hoses, cups, etc. and from these recordings the artist composes her very own sound interpretation as a live concert, room installation and workshop series. „Trash goes Music“ – a sustainable utilization and examination of the legacies of today‘s throwaway society. With Plasticphonia she has been performing in galleries, museums, festivals and clubs since 2022 and has already been on tour in Austria, Italy, Germany and Spain.


Music Stages