The music project was conceived and developed over a period of two months (April – May 2023) by Maria Karra and Christoforos Alamanis, in collaboration with the Myrtis Museum (Institute for the Child from Antiquity to the Present, Myrtis face to face with the past). Within this timeframe, a total of 6 musical pieces were developed, which constituted the album “MYRTIS”. The 6 tracks function as a cohesive experimental composition with structural elements adopted from ancient theater and influences from contemporary electronic music. It serves as a musical narrative aimed at shedding light on the history of Myrtis. Simultaneously, it engages in an active dialogue with her persona, addressing contemporary events and social issues through poetic lyrical symbolism. The recordings include polyphonic textures, natural objects used as instruments, soundscapes, and the use of digital instruments and tools.