Knot World

Knot-World is a VR collection of traversable worlds each unique in their creation and function. Characterized by a “geocities” aesthetic, each of the 3 worlds feature the interplay between capturing the real world and procedurally generating select aspects of it. By employing lidar scanning, photogrammetry and gaussian splating as well as unique generative geometries the worlds highlight the technoscenes dual existence as a separate yet increasingly integrated with reality space. Abstract organic repeating landscapes are juxtaposed with image to mesh generated versions of Britney Spears. The vibrant and dissonant colors of the early web collaged with the naturalistic textures of photogrammetry landscapes. In the process the technoscene is treated as a uniquely distinct space from reality, an escape from the real rather than the integrated space of the post-internet virtual landscape. Now archival in nature the neophyte aesthetic freedom of the early internet serves a fruitful creative playground.