Jogginggodard, removie

As part of her Hommage series, Lara Badurina presents a new work in the form of an experimental film. Hommage series is generally inspired by artists who explored space and influenced Badurina’s work. With this work specifically, Badurina refers to Godard’s use of narratives and his innovative jump cuts. By realizing the work on non-typical locations and by dividing the scenes based on what is near and what is far, Badurina reveals the fragility of the picture itself. The film jogginggodard, removie was created based on a documented performance of the same name, premiered in 2019 at Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. The artist develops and explores various female roles inspired by Godard’s heroines Anna Karina and Anne Wiazemsky. The narrative begins with the attempt at transforming the woman into an object and later moves onto the different approaches to rejecting her imposed gender roles.


Video Art