It must be the timing belt

To read the letters received from the bureaucratic offices after a loved one dies. You reread those difficult letters, again and again. Under the cloak of grief and salty cheeks, you speak the words in these letters, almost as an exercise to understand better what all these words mean. Like the actors who did not learn the script by heart but are in the middle of the rehearsal. Speaking the script out loud, and every time you do, you inhabit the role a bit more. In a desolate location somewhere in between places a car breaks down. Amid these troubles, the people in the car seem occupied with the unethical mishandling of an inheritance tax case. At a slow pace, and on sweat and disgruntled arguments the car rolls on. What once was yours now needs to be divided. A short film in the dialect spoken in the North-Western part of Germany called Ostfriesisch’ or commonly referred to as Platt-Deutsch. The acting of this film was done in collaboration with a local theatre group from Emden


Video Art