I must move into your eyes to see the scenery you see; I must dwell in your heart to perceive the world as you do. The semblance of reality is objective, yet simultaneously the most unreliable, stripping away the position of the individual as a subject and occupying the forefront. In the semblance of the world, visuals decide the thinking, perceptions guide behavior. We possess and coexist with it, until we generate stubborn and deep beliefs. However, under the illusion, there is only me, devoid of the other. Escaping the desolate reality, moving away from the place of chaos, entering the self-constructed simulation world through “ISPS” (Intracranial Stereotactic Paralysis Surgery). ISPS only operates when individuals enter the state of flow and it changes the mindset. From displacement to rewriting, there are possibilities; the sins, imprints, and thoughts of past lives should be loosened now. We need to release nature and freedom at this moment. We will not become a generation of silence; we simply depart from the human condition, to find out the truth and a way to land in the metaphysical world.