Interactive Wall

An interactive wall for collaborative entertainment. (2023)

Imagine a wall where the virtual meets the real, where every ball’s impact resonates in a digital world, where children are both the actors and spectators of their own game. This is the concept of the interactive wall: a perfect fusion between technology and physical play. What is the interactive wall? The interactive wall is a technology that combines digital projection and motion sensors. On this wall, various games are projected, and children can interact with them using foam or plastic balls. When they throw these balls at the wall, they collide with the projected elements, which can trigger different actions in the game. A collaborative game One of the main advantages of this wall is its ability to encourage collaborative play. Several children can play at the same time, promoting communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. For example, they might need to work together to achieve a specific score or complete a task in the game. Movement for more fun! In the digital age, where children spend more and more time in front of screens, the interactive wall offers an innovative solution to get them moving. While playing, children are physically active, running, throwing, and jumping. It’s a playful way to encourage them to exercise without them even realizing it. The interactive wall is more than just a game. It’s an entertainment space that combines technology and physical activity, where children can learn the importance of teamwork while having fun. In a world where technology increasingly dominates our lives, it’s essential to find innovative ways to integrate physical activity into our daily routine. The interactive wall is the perfect answer to this challenge.


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