Entangled Landscape

Entangled Landscape is a meditative mixed reality experience that manifests the invisible collaborative life within soil as a digital sculpture. Focused on unveiling the networks and resource exchanges at a microscopic level, the artwork explores mutualistic and collaborative behaviour across various industries, nature, and cultures. The installation is an audiovisual representation featuring two neural networks trained on mutualistic interactions, inspired by the system of mycorrhizae, responding to live environmental data from South West Flanders, Belgium. This interplay either enables or disables their collaboration. The project is the outcome of an interdisciplinary collaboration among soil scientists, city planners, data analysts, and games engine experts. It delves into themes such as soil sealing, biodiversity, mutualistic behaviour between fungi and roots, and computational Machine Learning simulation systems. Entangled Landscape was developed within the Built Spaces in a Network(ed) Society residency hosted by Cleantech Hub Snowball and GLUON, with research partnerships with the intermunicipal organisation Leiedal. The overarching goal was to explore how digital technologies could revitalise built spaces, fostering new sustainable, inclusive economic, social, and cultural activities.