Nest, an eleven-year-old girl, decorates her cocoon; everything is calm and minimalist, surrounded by vegetation with a pastel hue. Suddenly, a shadow abruptly changes the brightness of her surroundings. In the distance, a mysterious figure emerges on the horizon. Reluctantly, she decides to leave her cocoon to go and meet this enigma. The immense entity rising in the sky shapes corals with its hands, which slowly begin to cover the ground. Nest tries to pull them out, but in vain. At the same time, the entity triggers a wave of stems that vigorously emerge from the ground, heading straight for Nest. She freezes and realizes at that moment that her cocoon is in great danger. She turns her back on the entity and runs in the opposite direction to protect her habitat. But even before she can reach it, she is lifted by a stem coming out of the ground, taking her swiftly high up in the sky. During her ascent, Nest holds on tightly to the bud and witnesses a tragic scene; her cocoon is entirely covered by the stems. The giant stems continue their frenzied ascent upward. Her flower stops. Nest finds herself facing the luminous goddess and an immense expanse of flowers whose petals are finishing opening. She looks all around and comes face to face with the entity completing its blooming movement. The entity makes all the flower petals fall in one motion. Nest watches her world change. The two beings gaze at each other. The young girl walks toward the goddess and embraces her. The two become one. The entity evaporates into a sparkling light that envelops her entirely. Nest has become as radiant and powerful as the goddess, happy and proud.