Critical AR(t) Artistic interventions with Augmented Reality

Artistic interventions with Augmented Reality

  • How can a small artistic collective occupy one of the world’s largest museums and go unnoticed?
  • Is it possible to remove giant political and commercial billboards from urban public space?
  • How might a statue defend the autonomy of the female body?
  • In the context of the workshop, we will examine how Augmented Reality (AR) can be turned into an artistic means of critical and tactical interventions.
    Through Augmented Reality, media artists augment public spaces with virtual objects, unveiling narratives of underprivileged groups. These narratives often challenge the dominant narrative of the place which is reinforced by landmarks, such as architectural structures, statues, etc.
    In the workshop we will explore these issues and we will create an augmented reality project, following a critical creative approach. For this purpose, we will build an AR application using Unity 3D. Then we will install and test the AR app on mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) running Android.
    Duration: 2hours
    Required equipment: Laptop with a recent version of Unity 3D installed []. Familiarity with Unity 3D software is desirable.