Caught in the middle

Caught In The Middle is a thrilling celebration of individuality set to a spooky soul-rock soundtrack and 3D animated music video adventure. Director Jumai Yusuf and animator Alexa Velasquez co-created a vibrant visual with Indy Darling (formerly India and The Jones) that follows a resilient Black college student Aniyah on a cinematic voyage of self-discovery through land, sea, and outer space and recenters the hero’s journey from the typical white male hero to a black woman. Why bother trying to match the world’s expectations when it’s lightyears more freeing to find and define ourselves with each step? Director’s statement: “We wanted to take famous movies and characters from the adventure genre (Indiana Jones, Jaws, Pirates of the Caribbean) and reclaim those narratives by changing the protagonist to a Black woman instead of a white male hero’s journey. Instead, the video explores a WOC heroine’s journey” – Jumai Yusuf


Video Art