Carrie Ann

The short movie „Carrie Ann” is looking at the standardized aspects in softwares. Individuality and loosing control seems impossible to achieve in digital environments. Nevertheless the creators of software are constantly trying to build new tools and possibilities to simulate our world as realistic as possible. But when we take a closer look we recognize that these tools and the representation of its possibilities are full of stereotypes and a specific point of view on our society.

Since the beginning of computer graphics, creators and developers are trying to touch our emotions. Is it possible to speak about love in a controlled and unnatural synthetic world? Is our Idea of love just another ready made asset in our mind, formed by the ideals and clichés of the society we live in, or can love resist to it? Is it truly something bigger, or just a projection of our imaginations how an ideal life should look like and does it have the power to save us from the standardization of everything?



Video Art