Binary Echoes: Unveiling the Digital Veil

The black and white colouring and square shapes used in this piece reflect the binary aspects of technology, and alongside flashes of distorted rotoscoped faces and bodies mirror our reliance on computers. We find ourselves continuously placing pieces of ourselves online and into the digital world, perhaps unaware of how much we now rely on it, often losing ourselves in the internet and the social traps it creates.

The mask-like appearance of the face hints at the performative nature of social media. The distortion is used to emphasise the skewed way we portray ourselves to others online in order to show only the parts we wish them to see, and now with the use of AI technology, we are losing even more human interactions and genuine connections. AI is becoming more integrated into the way we express ourselves online as the technology to meticulously scan one’s face into an algorithm opens up limitless possibilities, for better or worse.

The music that accompanies the animation, is using a combination of synthetic and manipulated organic sounds to evoke the merging of humanity and technology. It is experimenting with unconventional rhythms, echoing the unpredictable nature of our online personas. As the composition progresses, moments of melancholy are being introduced, emphasising the potential loss of genuine human connection. Overall, the sonic landscape mirrors the dichotomy between the binary world of technology and the complex, distorted reality of our digital self-representations.