An Underlying Turbulence

‘An Underlying Turbulence’ explores the notion of metallurgy – the study of our relational entanglement with metal resource extraction and infrastructural use. The animation work uses radio wave recordings and photogrammetry to exacerbate the radio-absorbent voicings of metal infrastructure, telling a story about their geospatial positioning, geological origin and materially active properties. The work involved the artist walking 33km, from the Johor-Singapore causeway to the Second Link causeway (two bridges that connect Singapore to Malaysia, facilitating massive flows of energy, dialogue and matter). Along the way, 5x metal objects were documented and assembled in post-production to form a metallurgical dialogue in which they discuss their historical origins, ground-up implementation, and use value. The animation proposes that a “digging up” of site/time-specific noise from today’s electromagnetically dense world ecology can function as a speculative exploration of the generative story-telling potential contained within fleeting signals from the field.