allá afuera

Inspired by Dubois and his “photographic act” in which he poses the creation and delimitation of spaces through framing, ‘alla afuera’ presents an audiovisual scene where frames appear, morph, evolve, and disappear, altering the scene to the viewer’s eyes. While their existence is short lived, the frames invite the audience on a journey of escapism into the abstract and synergic melting of colours, shapes and ideas. ‘allá afuera’ is a slowly evolving ambient piece that slowly but steadily morphs from one thing to another. The sonic landscape invites the audience to dive into an audiovisual frame that represents a repetitive, non-linear, timeline that keeps on building on top of itself. It doesn’t have a beginning nor an end. Instead it is an ever-evolving, never dying, sequence that has existed long before the viewer gazes upon it, and that will continue to do so after they are gone.




Video Art