All realistic factors, like shadow and perspective, in this environment are digitally simulated

“All Realistic Factors, Like Shadow or Perspective, in this Environment are Digitally Simulated” is a screen recording that captures the odyssey of a mouse cursor navigating the terrain of a photo editing software that digests and distorts images. The piece unfolds as a playful exploration, an ambivalent adventure characterized by continuous zooming and scrolling within a surrounding where digital and material debris coalesce into a fragmented hybrid information systems. The accompanying soundscape (© Juvenilho, 2021) composed of online stock sounds and digital samples, mirrors the erratic beat of a distorted video game soundtrack. Throughout the video, the artist and their familiars make cameo appearances, assuming various archetypal disguises, either digitally or physically altered. These playful interventions, captured like fictional evidence, purposefully blur the boundaries between the natural and artificial, fact and fantasy, adding an extra layer of complexity to the narrative. As the viewer navigates this digital mind-scape, the destruction and regeneration of memories, objects, and bodies unfold within an over-expanding pit of archived information. Serving as a guided meditation tour, the video navigates through the realms of woke culture ,online and offline identity and fake news and explores perception, memory and the existential state of ascending amidst a world that’s falling apart.


Video Art