Aether Chapter 0

Æther is the first audio-visual collaboration of Evelyn Bencicova and Samson G Balfour Smith aka Screen Noise. Æther engages in world-building and story-telling, developing a narrative through body, voice, sound, space, and movement in the 3D realm. Chapter O stands for an opening.

The main character EVE represents the new being on a journey throughout history into the future, taking the viewer towards the world in the making. O chapter retells the origin story of Abrahamic religions, removing the concept of sin, shame, and guilt implied on women and reclaiming the (nude) body. It is a story of retranslation and deconstruction of religious and societal constructs through gained consciousness leading to empowerment and freeing oneself from it. Sound and landscapes are predominantly created out of Graphic sound – an instrument made by Screen Noise from designing sound magnetic forces into bodies, spaces, or architectures that further support the narrative line conceptually.