A Precarious Night at Plumb Point

In A Precarious Night at Plumb Point our protagonist’s voyage becomes a haunting meditation of introspection and existential longing. Lost amidst the boundless sea, time stretches languidly as they confront their inner turmoil and grapple with the elusive nature of identity. Invisible to the world yet consumed by an internal dialogue, the protagonist navigates surreal landscapes of their own creation. They wander through desolate sites—a cavern, a brine pool, a shipbreaking yard—each a reflection of his own abandonment and yearning. As they encounter their doppelganger, the captain of a forsaken vessel, our lead character embodies the revered leader amidst the mechanical choreography of a world suspended in time.

Echoing the rhythm of open-world exploration games, characters move through a timeless void, trapped in the liminal space between the conscious and subconscious. Time dilates as our protagonist grapples with identity, loss, and the elusive pursuit of resolution.

Additional Credits:

Sound Design: Kris Force

Environment Artist: Francou Bosch

Voice Actor: Matthew Curtis


Jake Couri


Video Art